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Our experiences is the guarantee of our services

Sourcing Agent

Dealing with China suppliers and manufacturers involves extremely high levels of uncertainty across multiple dimensions. Z&L can help you spend less, minimize risk and accelerate your company's growth by our local working.

Our Services Include:
# China Products Manufacturer Qualification & Selection
# Competitive Quote Solicitations
# Chinese Prototype Manufacturing
# Negotiation & Contract Formation
# Quality Control & Production Management
# Door to Door Logistics and Customs Clearance Management

Benefits Include:

One Professional Relationship:
Streamlined China sourcing. Access to multiple factories with one Z&L Relationship professionally coordinates your purchase orders.

China Based Legal Recourse:
Z&L contracts the factory with legally binding agreements to protect your order.

Borrow on our experience:
Leverage our 6 years of import/export experience to successfully navigate the sourcing from China.

Better Pricing:
Our team have experiences in factories and trading companies, we can understand the price better, which enable us provide more competitive pricing and broader selection.

Guaranteed Quality:
We provide in-house quality control, digital pictures, and sample confirmation.

Competitive Advantage:
Our knowledge of the local business landscape enables us to provide all the assurances and services to make your China product sourcing successful at minimized risk.



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