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Our experiences is the guarantee of our services

Verification Report

Remote verification of the Chinese exporter

Importing is a lot safer when You have verified knowledge about the eligibility of Your chinese partner. In our report You will find present contact information of the exporter, place of production, required certificates, company registration documents and business activity license. We will check if the exporter is a manufacturer or an intermediary. Information about company's customers, business organizations or chamber of commerce membership will be provided depending on their availability. All information is acquired from company's presentatives as well as English and Chinese websites research. We contact the Chinese in their native language. Report will be presented to you within 3 working days.

Detailed verification of the Chinese exporter

On top of information mentioned in the above report this service contains company's verification in Chinese relevant bureaus. We check the exporter through our China-based office and a law office. Verification of registration licenses allows to confirm whether or not the exporter is a lawfully established company. Such a report will provide knowledge based on which You can decide about starting the cooperation with Your Chinese partner. If You think seriously about importing from China this is a low price for Your safety in business. Report will be presented to You within 10 working days.

On-site verification of the Chinese exporter

This service includes our visit to exporter's premises. You specify the aim of the visit. We can check if the company exists and manufactures the desired product, meet with the representative of the company, see company's documents, ask about its customers, visit production plant and evaluate technological capabilities. 

Please note we need charge for transportation costs and accommodation if the visit takes longer than one day or return is impossible due to transportation schedule.

If You think of importing on large scale, this form of verification is essential and it is low price for confidence whom You trust with Your money.

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